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 Market Rules

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PostSubject: Market Rules   Fri Dec 28, 2007 11:06 pm

Please remember this part of the forum is purly for your benifit DO NOT ABUSE IT!

Members may not pre-sell items before they have them in hand. Sellers must be able to provide proof that the item is physically in their possession.

You may not pre-sell limited items. For example, you could not post "I am going to (whatever event) and I can buy (whatever doll) for whoever will pay me in advance." This can cause problems

Selling or trading bootleg or copied dolls is illegal. Posts advertising the sale of these will be deleted (members possably banned)

Do not bump your threads more than once a day. "Tag-team" bumping with a friend is not okay either, even if you're selling together. As an exception, you are allowed to bump more often during the final day of an auction.

Do not hijack other members' threads. If someone posts a "WTB" thread for an item you want, do not post to their thread saying that you are also looking for it. Make your own thread. If someone posts a "FS" thread, do not post in their thread to say that you are also selling the same item. Make your own thread.

The following abbreviations can be used:
FS = For Sale
WTB = Want to Buy
WTT = Want to Trade
WTS = Want to Split

Once your item has been sold, please mark your thread title with either "SOLD/TRANSACTION STILL IN PROGRESS" or "SOLD/IN TRANSIT". Do not use "DO NOT DELETE" because this will inadvertantly get your thread deleted when the When the item has been received by the buyer, edit your thread title with "DELETE". Any thread marked with "SOLD" for more than 2 months will be deleted.

Post that have not been updated within 2 months will also be deleted without warning.

Please do not begin a transaction unless you plan to complete it. Backing out of sales or asking people to hold items that you do not fully intend to buy is very rude, and also will gain you a bad reputation as a trader.

If possible, please post a picture of the item you are selling rather than using a company stock photo. This gets you more interest in your item, and it also helps to build up a potential buyer's trust in you.

When you are involved in a transaction, ALWAYS get multiple forms of contact (i.e. E-mail, LiveJournal, or phone number) in case the forum server goes down or you experience personal computer/life probems.

Buy and Sell with Care!
Since the Markets is open to all registered forum members, we recommend that users buy and sell with care to avoid scams and theft. You can do this by checking out the feedback thread, looking at eBay feedback, or asking for references.

For legal reasons, the moderators will not arbitrate in marketplace disputes. If you have an unsatisfactory transaction, you are invited to post a negative feedback in the feedback forum. In extremely serious cases, the moderators may ban a user from the Markets or from the forum based on their sales behaviors.

If your crazy and you know it clap your hands 0_o

Looking for Forum Mods, if your interested - please pm me!
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Market Rules
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